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Playbook NFL 2-Minute Handicap

Posted: 08/26/2015
Friday, August 28
New England 4-0 SUATS Friday... 0-5-2 Away Two... *1-6 SU and 1-5-1 ATS away vs NFC... 2-5 SU and 1-6 ATS Game Three... 5-2 OVER Game Three... 1-4 UNDER Away Two
CAROLINA SERIES: 1-5 SU and 0-5-1 ATS / 1-4 UNDER... 3-0 SUATS Home Two... *6-14-2 home vs AFC
Tennessee 3-0 SUATS Game Three... 1-4 Friday... *2-6 L8 games
KANSAS CITY SERIES: 4-1 SUATS and OVER... 0-6 home Game Three... *1-11 SUATS Friday... *7-36-1 L5Y... 2-9 SUATS Game Three... 2-8 Home Two... 2-8-1 UNDER Game Three
Detroit 6-1 SUATS Away Two... *20-6 SUATS vs AFC (7-1 as a dog)... *15-4 SUATS L19 games... 6-1 SU and 5-2 ATS Game Three... 0-9 SUATS away Game Three
JACKSONVILLE 1-4 home Game Three... 0-4 SU and 1-3 ATS Game Three... *0-5 UNDER L5 games

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