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Marc Lawrence's Playbook Football Preview Guide magazine is the nation's best-selling football publication, combining College and NFL into one periodical. The 2017 magazine celebrates the 25th Anniversary Issue and contains 256 pages of jam packed information, loaded with stats, logs, trends, winning systems, College and NFL previews and ATS Top 10 Teams. Plus exclusive charts including Monday Night results, Coaches records, College overtime results and many more, along with weekly Playbook Power Play picks on every team for the entire season. It’s on sale now at newsstands nationwide. Better yet click here now, or call 1.800.752.9266 to reserve your copy - last year's sold out - and have it shipped to you via Priority Mail ($12 for the magazine and $7 shipping and handling). Or click here to download the digital mobile version right now for only $12 and save the shipping and handling! Or click here to download the digital mobile version right now for only $12 and save the shipping and handling!

Which of these NFL teams
most likely figures to make
the playoffs this season that
failed to do so last year?

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Marc Lawrence MLB Free Play - Tuesday

Play - Pittsburgh Pirates w/Taillon vs Bumgarner (Game 909)

Edges - Pirates: Taillon 4-2 with 2.31 ERA team starts away this season… Giants: Bumgarner 0-6 team starts this season, and 0-2 last two home team starts in this series. With Taillon in strong KW form with 22 Ks with 4 BBs last three starts, we recommend a 1* play on Pittsburgh. Thank you and good luck as always. .. Click here to continue >>>

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