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2-Minute NFL Handicap

Posted: 09/28/2015
Week 4
Sunday, Oct 4
NY Jets 8-1 .500 > bef rest vs opp w/ rev… 12-3 RD's vs div off NFC… 1-5 A off H vs opp off H
MIAMI SERIES: 0-3 L3… 5-1 favs 3 > off Buffalo vs .500 > div… 9-2 w/ rev vs .500 > div opp off non-div game… 0-9 off 1st HG of season… 2-9 A in 2nd BB div games
Jacksonville 4-0 in 2nd BB A… 5-1 Away Two dogs vs div… 1-5 Game Four away… 1-5 bef NFC
INDIANAPOLIS SERIES: 5-0 L5… 6-0 H btwn 2 A vs div opp … 4-0 H off Tennessee… 5-1 in 2nd of 3 div games… 6-2 H bef Houston
Houston 4-1 A in 2nd BB non-div bef Indianapolis… 0-6 Away Two dogs… 0-4 in 2nd BB NFC games… 2-9 vs non-div bef BB div games
ATLANTA 8-1 w/ rev off A vs opp off H… 1-8 vs AFC… 1-7 H off BB A… 2-9 1st BB H

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