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College Football Best Bets: 20-13 NFL Best Bets: 17-12 Awesome Angle: 7-4 Bet Profit: $3700
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thru the Super Bowl.

The weekly Playbook Football Newsletter spans College and NFL Games throughout the 2015 season straight through the Super Bowl, featuring comprehensive write-ups on every College and NFL game along with star-rated Best Bets, Upset Specials, Awesome Angles, Top Trends, Incredible Stats, Wise Guy Contest Picks and a complete schedule with opening lines and projected margins for the entire week.

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If you are into stats and stat match-ups, this newsletter should be your No. 1 source this football season! Complete Stat Logs covering every College and NFL Team in a team vs. team setting, the Midweek Alert allows you to spot strengths and weaknesses of every team in every game. Find the statistical mismatches and value on the football card each week. Featuring amazingly accurate Best Bets and the best stat match-ups in the business. The Playbook Midweek Alert Football Newsletter - it's the Racing Form of Football Newsletters and is also where the smart money is.

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