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Cajun Sports MLB 3* Complimentary Selection
2015-07-04 23:55:00

MLB 3* Toronto Blue Jays (+)  The Blue Jays continue their three-game weekend set against the Detroit Tigers on Saturday afternoon. The opener on Friday night saw the Blue Jays drop Game One by a score of 8 to 6. We look for them to rebound in Game Two on Saturday. A check of our database reveals a league-wide system that is active for this contest. We want to Play ON MLB road underdogs of 150 or less playing with fewer than two days rest and a bullpen with a low WHIP on the season. This system has a record of 509-498 su for a profit of +11,599. Our MLB Complimentary Selection for Saturday is the Toronto Blue Jays.


Cajun Sports won their CFL Wiseguy Hi-Impact Major with Hamilton on Thursday night they passed on Friday night. For Saturday they have another Wiseguy Hi-Impact Major from the CFL. Cajun Sports is 4-1 ats in the CFL this season.