Marc Lawrence Stunning 13-0 ATS NFL Perfect System Club Play! - Sunday
2017-12-03 13:00:00

Play - Buffalo Bills (Game 358).

Edges - Bills: 3-0 ATS as home dogs of more than 4 points with revenge… 4-1 ATS as dogs in the first of three straight home games… Patriots: Division favorites of 7 or more who scored 33 or more points in each of their last three games are 2-10 ATS…  Our NFL Perfect System Club seals the deal as it tells us to: PLAY AGAINST any NFL division road favorite from Game Nine out who allows 4.8 or more Yards Per Rush if they are off a double-digit win and are facing a greater than .400 opponent with revenge. That's because these teams are 0-13 ATS in this roles since 1980 - having lost all 13 games straight-up!  With that we recommend a strong 3* play on Buffalo.  Thank you and good luck as always.


> Wow… Marc's Top Rated 5* NFL Game Of The Month this Sunday includes DOUBLE PERFECT NEVER LOST winning angles ‘ON' one coach, and 'AGAINST' the opposing coach. They are part of winning situations inside the game that are a jaw-dropping 27-0 ATS. If you're serious about winning, you know exactly what to do!