Marc Lawrence MLB Top Live Dog Key Play! - Friday
2018-08-03 19:10:00

Play - Boston Red Sox w/Porcello vs Severino (Game 916). 
Edges - Red Sox: Porcello 6-1 last seven overall team starts; and 13-2 versus right hander opponents this season … Yankees; Severino 7.93 ERA last four starts; and just 4-3 versus right handers starters this season (as opposed to 14-1 against left handers).  With the Porcello 7-1 his last eight home team starts during August, we recommend a strong 3* play on Boston.  Thank you and good luck as always.

> > Look: Marc’s powerful database has isolate a powerful Kill Play on Friday night’s MLB card in a TRIPLE PERFECT winning situation.  You know exactly what to do!